Candy Queens Higher or Lower Game - TikTok Live Only!

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The Candy Queens Higher or Lower Game! Exclusively for live TikTok events ONLY!

Your chance to win up to 3kg of sweets including delivery! Minimum win is 500g! Can you beat the card game for maximum sweet reward!


This is a random game of chance, Game wins are as follows:

 - Minimum game win is 500g

 - 3 cards = 1kg box sweets

 - 4 cards = 2kg box of sweets

 - 5 cards = 3kg box of sweets



This Candy Queens game is for live TikTok events only - any purchase must be available to play online during live events!


When ordering, please ensure you send us your TikTok username in the box at checkout!. Shipping address is required for postal orders - UK ONLY!